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nsfw. Eren x Mikasa FanFiction; Top 5 Best Eremika FanFiction Novels; For now, Your Hand is all I Need; 239 Best Attack on Titan; Safe & Sound Mikasa x Eren; Attack on titan art, Attack on titan eren; Les 43 meilleures images de Eremika 4 Ever!!! I know." ", "You're a weapon. Eren voice was sharp,"That's the problem isn't it? save. Eren completed,"So I suppose we should simply divert and kill the ordinary Titans. It's like they've forgotten that I'm the Titan here. Eren cut her off,"On making it to the Levi squad. "What does Mikasa think I am?" This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. ", " What?" No, Armin corrected himself, Her life did depend on it. She didn't necessarily like the plan but her job was clear, protect Eren, that's it. Read the best stories about #aot, #anime, and #attackontitan recommended by TheshadeoftheRain Browse . ", "If I recall correctly the first thing you did in Trost in Titan form was to attack Mikasa." He'd seen her without Eren, carelessly throwing away her own life without a second thought only emerging from her black daze after seeing Eren's Titan form. She wasn't sure why Captain shortie had planned but she could safely assume it involved using Eren as some sort of bait to lure out a Titan and capture it. "I don't know, Eren, I don't know. He muttered angrily at Armin,"Her kid?". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hello? Eren said,"It's a suicide mission. It is an Attack on Titan Eremika story, and will contain spoilers for the Show and Manga. The author is a bit of a sap but isn't beyond angst. And then she'd run to run like her life depended on it. I'll kill you. Jean supplied from behind,"Not Mikasa. Armin understood that because he'd thought that he wasn't needed and like Eren he'd been wrong. ... With the help from a distant swordsman, her best friend, and an irate guardian beast, Sakura must track down … She'd been the only thing that had kept him standing after the Titan attack in Shinganshina, the only thing that made his fight against them mean more than just revenge. "Eren calm down." Even snapped,"You are human. no comments yet. He said,"She'll just end up doing something stupid and dying. They'd been riding for a good portion of the day now, the plains starting to fade away and their destination, the mountains near wall Maria coming into view. ", " Absolutely not." Levi stated. He had fallen sick and the doctors were not optimistic about his condition. ", "Mikasa shouldn't be the one protecting me." I am here to provide because i'm running out but want to share some of my favorites C: ... best. Mikasa said,"Your entire objective is capturing the abnormal which means that things are going according to plan. Even said,"You're asking her to kill herself trying to protect the two of us. EremikaHaven is a fanfiction author that has written 25 stories for Harry Potter, ... (Eremika only) and rarely write fanfiction for anything else these days. Ordinary but at least three of them. There are at least three of them, you can't-", Mikasa ignored him,"The pine trees are few but should be good enough for ODM gear. It's just which ship you think goes best with the said character. Armin said as he saddled his horse. "I am not going to calm down." I don't need you to coddle me, protect me or any of the crap. We've got an abnormal on our tail." Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Welcome one and all to Conspiracy, my first story on this site. "Have you made sure to pack everything?" Mikasa said,"Why are you stopping me? 4 comments. If he keeps me around for pity knowing how much I need him. eremika attackontitan aot erenxmikasa mikasa eren mikasaackerman shingekinokyojin snk erenjaeger mikasaxeren mikaere armin ereri levihan leviackerman aruani arminarlert ackerman lévi 984 Stories … Your review has been posted. They'd taken a longer route to the mountains a complete deviation from the path the others followed which probably meant that the rest of the scout regiment had already started setting up traps. He hated for not understanding his need to push her away, his need to make sure that the scar on her cheek would serve as a reminder to her that staying away from him was the best course of action. He's never really needed me. The only chance humanity has going up against the Titans." Which made him angry, which made him constantly try to break away from her to convince himself that if she didn't need him that he didn't need her either. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. After all Armin understood his friends pride perfectly. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). ", Jean was the one who spoke up next,"It really pisses you off doesn't it? "Levi raised his hand a clear signal for them to close up. " ", " I recall you've gone on several of them despite my disapproval." ", "Any length?" Please consider turning it on! She was a damn good soldier and she'd do her job till she died. Armin said turning to Mikasa,"You know he doesn't. ", " Congratulations." ", From a strategic point of view, Mikasa is the best person to protect you. Levi stated. " While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. She had been through so much and yet she was impossibly strong and brave and she never broke. It was just the three of them in this group. 'Get your Kleenex ready' ~All characters belong to Hajime Isayama~ ~This is completely a work of fiction~ Language: English Words: 106 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 1 Kudos: 22 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 1353 Armin said,"You'd see why they want to protect you. Still you hide behind her shadow like a cowering-". "So what?" Eren argued,"We'll all make a run to the caves. She asked Eren. All of them like Mikasa now had been standing still on the roof of an abandoned house but they had been staring in horror, disgust, amazement at the supposedly dead boy emerging from the Titan's neck. You'll be fine, you've never needed me anyway.". I'm ecstatic that you declined the position to be a captain of another squad just so that you can come and make sure I've changed my diapers. They were going out on another scouting trip and the commotion to get ready could probably be heard beyond Wall Sina. Neither of us need protection. ", "She could have said no." ", " You're not going to fight them alone." Add to library 12 ... What Binds Us (SnK; Eremika Fanfiction) April 23, 2014 Peppermint Schnapps . Jean said,"She still has the scar on her cheek to prove it. ", Mikasa looked down,"No, he does. None of the soldiers on the roof had even considered stepping off that roof. Continue browsing in r/eremika. ... to do with the titans or anything like that its a different story between Eren Jaegar and Mikasa Ackerman also known as EREMIKA!♥ Hope you enjoy! In fact Armin himself had stood there shocked and horrified. Kiss with a fist Zombie AU, EreMika, background YumiKuri. Feels like home 70+ EreMika oneshots with different settings/premises, occasional YumiKuri in the background. With that Eren stormed off leaving Armin and Mikasa behind. Eren said,"Are you crazy? Eren Yeager knew that he did not have much time remaining on this world anymore. Mikasa pulled on the reins of her horse,"Get out of my way. ", "She just wants to protect you." ... his need to make sure that the scar on her cheek would serve as a reminder to her that staying away from him was the best course of action. She doesn't realise when to stop. "~~~~~A heart-wrenchingly poignant twist to the typical Eremika high school fanfiction. hide. "It wasn't an uncommon thing really he was always angry about one thing or another but this time he was furious. Worst comes to worst I'll transform.". ", " Because I'm a Titan Mikasa. She's the one who'd go to just about any length to keep you safe and the fact that she's equivalent to a hundred soldiers just helps her case. Despite his illness, he had vowed to do anything within his physical abilities to add colours to others' lives, even if that meant sacrificing everything he loved.~~~~~"The tests, they came out positive," Mikasa whimpered, holding a hand to her abdomen frailly.A moment of silence suspended between them. Levi said,"If we divert that will cause a problem and I must give the signal once we reach the point so that they can prepare the trap and face the abnormal. I don't need you.". For my sake and Eren's.". share. I'm not your little brother. Mikasa who rode away from him and straight towards the Titans. It was my choice." How much I'll always need him. That's not the bad news." Are you over eighteen and willing to see adult content? But Eren thought that Mikasa had never needed him, that he was just a budern. You can't possibly-", " It's fascinating and all to see young love but we're running out of time." But Mikasa didn't understand, after all her logic was simple, wherever Eren goes, I follow. ", Mikasa didn't wait for Armin to reply and simply gave a curt nod,"Stay safe Armin. FanFiction | unleash ... Follow/Fav Needing You (Eremika) By: aversive5599. ", "It's okay Eren." She thinks I'm someone who can't defend himself. ", "That perfectly describes you Jaeger." ~All characters belong to Hajime Isayama~~This is completely a work of fiction~, 進撃の巨人 | Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan (Movies), 進撃!巨人中学校 | Shingeki! Eren said,"I don't need you. No. Fanfiction. Eren knew how much he needed Mikasa. ", Levi didn't have time to be impressed that Mikasa had figured it out.

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