benefits of working for the federal government

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Since 1980 the pace has increased, with average state and local employees receiving $4.78 for … These groups are based on OPM data categories, which are different from the BLS categories based on the Standard Occupational Classification system. 0000037685 00000 n There are 10 steps at each grade level. Most entry-level jobs are GS grades 5 through 7 and typically require at least a bachelor’s degree. A federal employee is eligible for the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) after 20 years of creditable service. He can be reached at (202) 691-5711 or Geographic location. 0000037291 00000 n If you plan to save a certain amount of money based on an estimated length of life… you could underestimate your life expectancy and run out of money! 0000006833 00000 n Federal workers help the government operate and provide its services. Spending is set by the President and Congress for the government as a whole. This is the first of two articles on working for the federal government. (See table 2. Priority Placement Program (PPP) helps federal government employees transfer to new duty locations around the world. I have worked for a company that offered up to 3% match and I have worked for a company that will match $.75 on the dollar for up to 6%. The executive branch enforces laws. 1. 188 0 obj <> endobj Add in the federal holidays, if you are lucky enough to get those off too, then you have a total of 20 days off a year. This section answers some frequently asked questions about government work and workers—including what they do, where their jobs are, what kind of education they need to get started, and how much they earn. In fact, federal employees have the … Examples include information clerks, secretaries, and office clerks. (Federal contractors are not directly employed by the government and are not included in these totals.). And almost all of them work in the United States. The judicial branch interprets the meaning of laws and how they are applied. While most corps offer the 401k match as the only retirement option, the government offers an annuity PLUS the 401k match… whhhaaatttt???? Federal Benefits for Retirees and Survivors. Most federal agencies are part of the executive branch. 0000003450 00000 n Administrative. Tell you more? But total federal employment varies, depending on which workers are counted. For the average federal employee you will receive 1% per year of service over the 20 year mark of the highest 3 paychecks per year. And, when funding is available, agencies may pay for workers to get additional education, such as a professional certificate or graduate degree. When you start with the government you accrue 4 hours of annual leave every pay period, 26/year. Blue-collar employees may maintain heating and cooling systems, clean offices, and construct buildings. Insurance is extremely complicated, so it is not really wise to get into it here, also, I am not going to get too into it because this blog is about the benefits to mil spouses and as mil spouses we are on Tricare! 0000009595 00000 n An official website of the United States government x�b```f``�d`c`��f`@ Vv� gj ��*��u�k0�N6 � ��y#�:-f�Z��.�qtv�3�Y��YOG��H,h:��czy��F���gQ&�0!���ˌ�#��A���. Happy Travels One of the most important benefits of any job is healthcare coverage, and the government takes great care of its employees. %%EOF Satisfaction often comes from knowing that they are helping and serving people in their roles as public employees. Aside from being able to see the world, and keep your family together, this is a pretty good reason to GO! For many workers, the biggest challenge of federal work is its bureaucracy: the sheer size of the federal government makes it difficult for agencies to act independently. information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. Uncertain budgeting makes long-term planning difficult and may negatively affect worker morale. Table 1: Federal employment and median salary by occupational category, fiscal year 2013. These occupations include firefighters, detectives, and correctional officers. Legislative. 0000026842 00000 n The federal government hires workers with broad levels of education and experience. Yipes. This makes is easier for spouses to get jobs with the government at every new duty station that they have to follow their spouse to. Each OOH profile includes information about job duties, employment, wages, qualifications, and job outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2013, more than 2 million federal civilian workers were employed in 350 different occupations. Federal workers choose government employment for many reasons; some of these are job security and the opportunity to serve the public.

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