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Some of the featured artists include; William Hawkins, Bill Traylor, Louis Monza, and Sam Doyle. The airport is easy to access by car, as well as being particularly well-served by various means of public transportation. The airport has its own train station which offers direct access into Atlanta. A contact phone number for ATL airport is 800 897 1910 and operators are always standing by to provide flight information and respond to any other queries you might have in relation to Atlanta Airport. Unfortunately, the return flight was unable to properly takeoff, and crashed near Orly Field in France. The top international destinations from ATL airport are Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France; Cancun, Mexico; London, United Kingdom; and Toronto, Canada. En 1909, Hartsfield était un circuit de course automobile qui appartenait au fondateur de la Coca-Cola Company, Asa Griggs Candler. Just choose your airport below and find airport facility information, transfer tips, parking tips, car rental info and much more — everything you need to get around Atlanta. ON. This program was created to help youth around the world recognize the value and importance of peace. If you do need to transfer between terminals or get around the airport, you can rely on the ATL SkyTrain. 450 Auburn Avenue NE, Atlanta, Georgia, Phone: 404-331-5190, Back to: Things to Do in Georgia, Things to Do in Atlanta, GA. Visitors to the World of Coca-Cola can also visit the vault where the company's legendary secret formula is kept secured. All Rights Reserved. In the center's lobby is "Children of Courage," an exhibit designed for younger visitors that tells how children participated in the Civil Rights Movement and challenges youth today to have the courage to stand up for what's right. How will my inability to eat during the first trimester affect my baby? Les retards dus à l'encombrement ont diminué de 78 %. Her husband moved into her family's home, where Martin Luther King, Jr. Was born. La municipalité, qui gère l'aéroport, a aussi investi dans une voie de dégagement, dite Taxiway Victor, qui permet à un avion ayant atterri sur la piste la plus au nord (8L/26R) d'aller se garer sans devoir croiser la piste parallèle (8R/26L). Son nom vient des anciens maires d'Atlanta William B. Hartsfield (1890-1971) (qui a participé à la transformation de l'aéroport) et Maynard Jackson (1938-2003) (premier maire afro-américain de la ville, qui a participé à la modernisation de l'aéroport). In 1979, Robert W. Woodruff granted the association a $7.5 million grant for a new location. Years ago, it would take days or even weeks to get from one place to another, but with the power of flight, it’s easier and faster than ever before to travel around from region to region or country to country.

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