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AO3 stats for smaller Star Wars Sequel Trilogy pairings - April the 6th, 2020. I have not done any research into background pairings with this data set. Armitage Hux/Luke Skywalker - 26 (+1), 44-48. Long reigns gay male sexualisation. You tried destroying the wrong person's hobby, Mrs. Kennedy./Mr. What do all of the columns on the chart mean? See the rest of the results on Tumblr. I wonder why Avatar: the last airbender has grown so fast in 2020. 5.2k members in the AO3 community. Congratulations to the shippers! And I never realized that fanfic based on real people is so... popular. as well as D&D Beyond Dedicated to the website - archive of our own is a project of Organization for Transformative … Although he wouldn't really approve (we saw how the shippers went down last time) I think it's heartwarming to see that 2 people on the internet have formed a such a dedicated, inspired and close knitted fandom that just won't let them be forgotten. Rey (Star Wars)/Flip Zimmerman (new on the list! A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share … Armitage Hux/Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo (new on the list! Cookies help us deliver our Services. biscutpoo, Queendee224, whereisholy, Zoe_Grimm, frostbitesjc, positron, Amaceity, CannibalCupid, silentlyloud, limegreentea, Kisaru, NeonGhostCat, tlk132, hiyyori, Justalonelyotaku, ZodiacRiver, farise, AvaFirebreather, DelicatePoem, Jhonni, silverinerivers, Pleasant_Illusion, WardenRed, aroceu, amazonianfromtheimyscira, StarryAry, hqkrys, vialattea, throgmorten, nonsensedarling, toastlover21, StayGold14, tellingetienne, Bondolas, Lacertaeh, OneWingRoyal, RubyPhoenix, CuteQtaro, WHYtheHELLnotBP, If_I_Say_Light, Ser_Meda, sneezebag, elxse, Sharmyd, Razia, KuroMyy, inthe_clouds, sharkinterviewee, tobari, aseryme, Femslash Top 100 and/or portrayed on-screen by an actor of colour. M indicates male, F female. I might actually have to start using that tag. Fandom: panfandom: Topic: External Links: Tumblr: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. This stats series has also been cross-posted to Tumblr. 1 Overall Top 20; 2 Top 20 in 2020; 3 Overall Top 20 Femslash; AO3 Ship Stats 2020 is part of the AO3 Ship Stats project by centrumlumina. I wonder if it was Three Houses that made a big impact? Yes! Rey (Star Wars)/You (+6), Armitage Hux/Dopheld Mitaka/Kylo Ren (+3) - 94, 4. Gen indicates that the tag is for a platonic or familial relationship, not a romantic one (indicated on AO3 by an & symbol). ), Bazine Netal/Kylo Ren 14 and 8 works tagged only as Bazine Netal/Ben Solo (+1), Finn/Phasma (0) - 22, 53-55. Data on gender and race was copied from previous lists or added by hand, and may contain errors. I'm amazed that A3 is so high on the list of fastest growing fandoms????? I like that the community has grown more respectful over their privecy after certain events (*cough cough* otherwise known as the complete sh*tshow that was 2012 *cough cough*) and I'm f*cking elated that they are comfortable with who they are now. Because AO3 has a tag hierarchy, this includes all tags which the site considers synonymous to or sub-sets of the main tag. Kaydel Ko Connix/Rose Tico - 40 (+5), 30-31. 128 guests and 197 more users Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Armitage Hux/Luke Skywalker - 26 (0), 44-45. Poe Dameron/Paige Tico (0), Finn (Star Wars)/You (+2) - 41, 29. is surprising, but then I only ship rare pairs there and barely check the general tag for it. AO3 Ship Stats 2020 centreoftheselights. epic. Abrams/Mr. Fandom: panfandom: Topic: External Links: Tumblr: Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Since last ranking Kytaka (Kylo/Mitaka) reached 100 works and therefore got to the +100 ranking. Positive numbers mean the pairing has moved up the list, negative mean it has moved down. It made a HUGE impact. 2. The raw data was collected from AO3 using a web-scraping program of my own design. Clyde Logan/Rey (Star Wars) - 72 (+8), 10. Matt the Radar Technician/Rey (Star Wars) - 79 (+1), 10. Clan Techie (Dredd)/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren (0), Poe Dameron/Finn/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren/Rey (+3) - 30, 39-41. I try my hardest to ensure the data on the chart is 100% accurate, but I’m not a perfect fact-checking machine. Dopheld Mitaka/Thanisson, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren/Han Solo - 28 (+1), 39-41. The data gathering technique I use cannot access locked fics, so fandoms with a high proportion of locked fics (e.g. Ambiguous race - A character whose race is explicitly intended to be ambiguous, characters of species with non-human skin tones, video game characters whose race can be chosen or changed by the player, and/or characters whose race varies between adaptations of the work. There are 68 M/M pairings, 19 F/M, 3 F/F, 7 Gen and 3 Other. Pairing Canon Poe Dameron/Paige Tico, Finn (Star Wars)/You - 42 (+1), 29. The differences between the ranking posted one month ago and the one posted today are in the brackets. ), Armitage Hux/Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo (0), Leia Organa/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren 20 and 1 work tagged only as Leia Organa/Ben Solo (+1), Poe Dameron/Jaina Solo (0) - 21, 57. RPF) may have lower fic counts than expected. They have this certain aura around them, one of happiness and trust. I don’t think Phan shippers will ever die. Of the 200 names on the list, 26 belong to women and 3 to characters of indeterminate gender, compared to 25 and 4 respectively in the 2019 list. As I interpret it, one listing appears to be for the sexual "/" relationship and one for the platonic "&" relationship. Please consider turning it on! Since last ranking Poenix (Poe/Connix) reached 100 works and therefore got to the +100 ranking. 3. (collapse). 1. Poe Dameron/Luke Skywalker - 56 (0), 25. I don't really see it as a bad thing, and am happy that the phandom is STILL active even when Dan hasn't uploaded for over a year as he is "working on a big project"! Poe Dameron/Rey/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren - 66 (+1), 11-13. See the rest of the results on Tumblr. Works/Total - The number of fanworks (typically fanfics) tagged with that pairing, as of 2nd August 2020. Kinda weird for me, no Bap. Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey/Rose Tico - 62 (0), 15. fics tagged “Johnlock”, “John/Sherlock” and “Sherlock Holmes/John Watson” are all combined into a single entry). But I haven't written or done basically any fandom stats or anything till now, and I know many people have been far more directly impacted than me. Welp. Edit to add the actual title of the thing that jumped. 59 votes, 14 comments. Overall Top 20. Change - The change in rank since the last top 100 list. As an old timer, it's been pretty bizarre. Because of the way AO3′s tagging system works, there is no way to differentiate between the main pairing in a work and minor, or background, pairings. Knights of Ren/Kylo Ren 32 and 1 work tagged only as Knights of Ren/Ben Solo - 33 (+2), 36-37. A place where fans can discuss, find, and share knowledge on any topic. The Top 20 pairings on AO3 in 2020. Some processing has been done in order to remove duplicates, synonyms, non-specific/parent tags and tags involving original characters. Please note that real people cannot be racially ambiguous. Log In Sign Up. 1 is the most frequently tagged pairing, 10 is the tenth most, etc. This ... Fandom - The fandom most frequently tagged in association with the pairing tag. Armitage Hux/Pryde 22 and 1 work tagged only as Armitage Hux/Enric Pryde (+1), Armitage Hux/Snoke (0), Finn/Phasma (+1), Rey/Han Solo (+2) - 23, 53-56. Kylo Ren/Anakin Skywalker 26 and 12 works tagged only as Ben Solo | Kylo Ren/Darth Vader and 2 works tagged only as Kylo Ren/Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader and 2 works tagged only as Anakin Skywalker/Ben Solo - 42 (+2), 26-27. Race - The races of the characters/people involved in the pairing.

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