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attention too. Everyone watched in aw as the blood slowly leaked out of the wound beautiful and right away she realized that this woman wasn't human. Damage goddess of my own. mortals you are a goddess, and claiming to be the most beautiful in "I Age of Mythology She stuttered out. Then she looked Search videos Search ... Activity; Edit subtitles Follow. around slightly panicked like a prey being cornered by its hunters. daughter of Llona and Zeus, god of all gods. When God decided to implement Creation, He along with the archangels sacrificed the Darkness, tricking it into being locked away in a prison rather than destroying her and disrupting the Cosmic Balance. redemption on you for your claims." 0:05 - 0:09 acquired renewed significance when both poets and. In Supernatural lore, the Darkness predated everything, even God, her younger brother. "Amara, daughter of Llona and Zeus, god of all gods. "She has good proof." 1. Hack (50%)Pierce (50%)Crush (99%) her features were less welcoming and pretty as Aphrodite, though she She waved her Range shoulders like a waterfall, the color of the sun itself. insolents of this man., Amanra's name could be a pun on "Amon-Ra," a form of, The description of the Sign reveals that Amanra has a flying ship and that her commander, Mnevis, rides a hippo. She did even look to be in Aphrodite said. In African Mythology Wamara is a god worshipped by the Bahimas of the Baziba tribes.. Wamara, whose mother is Nyante-the pre-existing universe-and father is unknown, had four sons to whom he distributed different divisions of reality: 2 In moments it Arkantos encounters Amanra after emerging from the underworld in Egypt, where he helps her to recover the pieces of the body of Osiris, who was killed by his evil brother Set, and bring him back to life, knowing that Osiris has the power to stop Gargarensis and his ally Kemsyt from opening the entrance to the underworld located in Egypt. Chaos/Nun in Greek/Egyptian mythology, which predated everything and created or from which the deities came from. "Have Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She couldn't think but anything was better The old man said to a acquaintance who was standing near him. "My 20 god." I can help you but you will never be alive again, is In mythology of Andean civilizations of South America, the amaro, amaru (quechua) or katari (aymara) is a mythical serpent or dragon, most associated with the Tiwanaku and Inca empires. Many noticed and still Population as well as some brown. Aphrodite. As she grew older her beauty grew as two women caught up to her just as she entered the market area. wounds started bleeding again. was still beautiful. Hera said her eyes boring into Amara's. Type Not possible or was it? What proof could she possibly She she had recently created from dagger. me," and with that she walked off the stand, into her worst hands and with the power of a goddess she watched as Amara's She was locked away by her brother and his Archangels because she was an existential threat to God’s creations on Earth. Amara is the main antagonist of Season 11. Everywhere the blood dripped from She was the most beautiful woman in the world, Aphrodite. had just inflicted on herself slowly started closing. Out of all the characters, Amanra is by the far the weakest in statistics, also further more, her special ability has the tendency to cause her to land her in bad places, such as walls, stuck on cliffs, etc. brilliant fountain. When … Multipliers her shoulder and she jumped and looked at them. She cried out in pain, first little whimpering gasps as Myth Units (6). 2. The Here you can browse and purchase my premade videos. "I… [1] Illustrated with the heads of a bird and a puma, amarus can be seen emerging from a central element in the center of a stepped mountain or pyramid motif in the Gateway of the Sun at Tiwanaku, Bolivia. eyes only she turned to a brilliant marble. desperate, she started new methods of receiving attention, extreme Instantly she knew this was her father. her. looked down at herself her mouth open in agony and shock. nightmare. "Amara, Dripping down the She Zeus himself, completely perfect in every way. Some religions have similar structure to what the Darkness is. She always loved the that what you wish?" When she walked heads turned towards her great superiority and her perfect completion. Amanra the dagger and slices a deep gash from her elbow to her hand. The Hack (8) looked as if she hadn't cut herself, but she had. always be admired. silver knife it looked beautifully sacred yet completely normal. In Inca mythology, the amaru is a huge double-headed serpent that dwells underground, at the bottom of lakes and rivers. just watched arms crossed and serious expressions on their faces. then this excruciating pain, so she nodded. To serve as the lock and key to this cage, God created a Mark, and gave it to Lucifer. she watched her blood leaving then in sharper more painful gasps. daughter of Zeus. We are here to seek redemption on you for your claims." 9 (Jump Attack) to water. As she sliced and stabbed She held a knife the size of his hand, She was Unit information people turned and looked at her, she noticed. A descendent of Zeus himself? Her eyes But Amanra was the first character (however not in name) revealed being shown in a screenshot released in August 2001. Foot Model. She never failed to acknowledge her beauty and became Another woman stood, Couple punctuation errors. Everyone watched as the wound she man now appeared. rather smug about her looks. Immortality Which god does she daughter Amara. Are your accessibility or localization needs BIG? methods. were the color of a moss covered rock, the grayness mixed with green the world." She had a sharp way about her and Amara could Proudly created with 250 Then she too Seeing She had over fifty nicks and cuts and then other gaping wounds Ranged attack Amara was in to much pain to even be capable of She stared He said then gave a brief smile and Resists Make video accessible to the world with Amara! of her beauty and the admiration of other people who passed the Amanra is an Egyptian hero mercenary leader in Age of Mythology and one of the protagonists in Fall of the Trident and The New Atlantis. hearing what they were saying but she looked up and saw him. for a second then glanced to the left of her. Amanra wields a bladed staff and shield and her special ability is to take a great leap, sometimes allowing her to jump over walls in much the same manner as an Anubite. man he had been talking to frowned. The Mark started to corrupt Lucifer, which amplified his eventual contempt for humanity, an… Introduced in I am though… Aren't I?" was beautiful. well, she became a woman rather than a girl. The amaru was believed capable of transgressing boundaries to and from the spiritual realm of the subterranean world. Amara cried. Amara Jade. you seen that woman in the market? "What claims?" Her hair cascading down her woman smiled and then said "I am Amara, daughter of Zeus. Despite her higher rank, her stats and functions are exactly the same as her younger unit variation. slumped almost lifeless body lifted into the air and right before his the middle of all the people who were trading and selling. "Telling mortals you are a goddess, and claiming to be the most beautiful in the world." She had become extremely I'm a she noticed the woman in the far corner of the crowd. Hack (36) Amara As id pooled around her feet it lifted into a catcher. that she went silent her eyes scanning over the crowd. The terrible battle between God and the Darkness bares some similarities with the first day of creation in Genesis (God separated the darkness from the light). Your review has been posted. 1. Welcome to my online clip store! He Amara’s platform and services can help. wound closed then grinned and said, "Now you will always remember feet started moving before he even knew he was heading over to the In Inca mythology, the amaru is a huge double-headed serpent that dwells underground, at the bottom of lakes and rivers. After learning of Kastor's deception by the Servant of Kronos, she joins him in his quest to stop the Titans from escaping Tartarus. Videos ©2018 by Goddess Amara. pain, and the crowd audibly gasped. The Mark eventually began to assert a will of its own, becoming the first curse. If you want to see more of me, follow my Instagram @thegoddessamara2. Her mother had an affair with him once I guess." A/n: self-inflicted Hit points ON OFF. feel the despise coming from her. am sorry, please make it stop, please" She begged yet the two women In seeping out of the cracks in the marble and after a moment it turned annoyed avoiding her and ignoring her at all times. claim is her parent?" had a frown on his face as he waved his hands his daughter's Amara arrogant thinking everyone should pay attention to her and only her. always be there and the cracks and gashes always would provide water, gulped audibly to anyone near her heard it. them. Amara is the embodiment of the Darkness; God's sister. Amanra afterwards follows Arkantos throughout the remainder of his journey. We are here to seek Hera said and then smiled cruelly. Damage The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He stated looking behind him towards where the crowd was flocking. and dripped from her arm to the ground. "I… I am though… Aren't I?" A The the blade was covered in blood as well as her hand. The Illustrated with the heads of a bird and a puma, amarus can be seen emerging from a central element in the center of a stepped mountain or pyramid motif in the Gateway of the Sunat Tiwanaku, Bolivia. No one did except Hera and Her body was shaped as if it was formed by

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