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Doyle was a sniper in the US Army, and was good friends with helicopter pilot Flynn. Sam showed some bravery and decency when beckoning Andy at the storage unit entrance where survivors had taken shelter, despite the Infected rampaging around them and the snipers shooting everyone. While Don briefly holds off the infected getting in, the group flee and get separated into two: Alice and the boy flee upstairs, while Geoff, Sally and Jacob try to escape through the cottage barn. We’ve got an idea. In the streets of District One, Doyle and the other rooftop snipers are initially ordered to shoot only infected, but as the infection continues to spread and it becomes harder to tell the infected from uninfected, they're ordered to kill everyone in sight. In the panic, the civilians break out of the garage and flee into the streets, while Andy escapes from the infected through the ventilation systems. 28 Days Later Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. One morning, Doyle noticed Tammy and Andy Harris sneak out of the Green Zone and informed Flynn so that he could retrieve them. Doyle successfully push-started the car, but was burned to death in the process by the soldiers' flamethrowers. Doyle mentioned that blood makes him nauseous, indicating that he is hemophobic. Upon seeing the approaching Infected, a panicked Sam ran to and grabbed onto the skid of Flynn's helicopter, causing Flynn to momentarily lose control of the chopper. As the Infection spread out of control, Code Red was executed and the snipers were given orders to kill all the citizens, infected or not. When he lands in the stadium to rescue Doyle and the children, he is once again flying an Aerospatiale Gazelle. He sees Alice, his mother, in another carriage, and runs towards her. As the Rage virus spreads and chaos takes hold, when the spread reaches the detainment area where Tammy and Andy are, Scarlet comes and rescues the kids and tries to get them evacuated to safety as top-priority figures. He had a strong friendship with Flynn, and was willing to risk his life for others. The infected break through even as Geoff stays behind to hold them off, and he and Sally are both overrun while Jacob escapes through the barn window. As dawn arrives, Doyle and the other four survivors travel across an empty and dilapidated London to Regent's Park to be airlifted to safety by Flynn when he comes to Doyle. In June 2007, it was announced that if DVD … The story of an SAS team sent into infected London during the time frame of. Upon learning infection is spreading, Stone and the other generals move to a safety bunker and execute a District One lockdown called Code Red. The DVD release of 28 Weeks Later has two deleted scenes from the film on the special features. This is because the scenes were filmed in daylight, and a new computer technique was used to darken the image and make it appear in the finished film that it was night. However, in the chaos, Andy gets separated from Scarlet and Tammy and is herded with District One's other civilians into a safe room garage where the soldiers lock them all inside as the green zone's power cuts out. However, while guiding the siblings down an escalator, the three get separated when Andy and Tammy fall down the stairs. While exploring the old Harris home alone, a shocked Andy finds Alice living in one of the rooms, physically and mentally dishevelled from her isolation but otherwise alive. There is no script as far as I'm aware. In the ruined, unoccupied area of London, after taking a motorbike from an abandoned pizzeria, Tammy uses it to drive herself and Andy across an empty London to their old home, where the siblings grab a picture of Andy and Alice together and stay to collect their other lost old belongings at the house. As District One's military forces mobilise against the outbreak, in the garage where Andy and the civilians are locked in, the infected Don breaks into the garage as a horrified Andy watches and attacks the civilians, causing the infection to massively and virulently spread among the civilians there in a domino effect and quickly infecting dozens - hundreds. Wembley Stadium and the London Gherkin are both shown fully built in the film. As originally announced in March 2007, Danny Boyle has had thoughts and plans for a third film in the 28 Days Later series, which will be given the title 28 Months Later. While trying to escape with the survivors, Scarlet is shot on the inside-front of her left leg, which she bandages up. Doyle was forced to kill both innocent civilians, and one of his comrades who was attacked by the Infected. The infected Don beats Scarlet to death with the butt end of Doyle's M4 rifle. When Sam refused, Andy ran out into the open to the other side, giving Doyle the chance to kill the sniper. 28 Days Later Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Eventually, he refused to comply with the order to kill all civilians, and abandoned his post. Don reluctantly lets the boy into the cottage, and, while having food, the boy says that he is from the nearby town Sandford and has been fleeing from his infected parents and a horde of many other infected. Doyle led the group across the field where he spotted the approaching Infected. Tammy then arrives, armed with the rifle, as the infected bites Andy to her horror. Among the military force that guard and protect London and its repatriated residents are wisecracking sniper Doyle, and his good friend helicopter pilot Flynn, as well as chief medical officer Scarlet Levy and operation leader General Stone, and Don Harris (who is caretaker of the fully-functional and fortified repatriation zone District One in London).

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